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Thumbs Up Empowering Tool

The Thumbs Up is an empowering Coach tool. Teach your clients how to use this Coaching tool to empower themselves.

Process for Using the Thumbs Up Empowering Tool:

    •  Make a fist with your dominant hand and stick your thumb out -- straight out and away from your fingers.

    •  Frame a question with a yes-no answer and concentrate on your question.

    •  Forget about your hand and your thumb. Relax and concentrate. Close your eyes if this helps.

    •  Your hand will either remain firm with the thumb pointing up or it will "fall over" so your thumb is pointing sideways.

    For most people -- about 80% -- thumbs-up means yes and a sideway thumb means no. You just need to experiment to see if your thumb up means yes or no.

Variations on the Thumbs Up Empowering Tool

In the beginning, it may help to place your fist on a table with the thumb up to get started. It may help to bring your fist and extended thumb to your chest near your heart. Some people start with their hand on their chest, close their eyes and calm their mind. Then without thinking they quickly move their hand forward in front of them. Their thumb either continues to point upward (positive answer) or it points sideways (negative answer).

Some people like to shake their hand while using this technique and when they stop shaking their hand their thumb is either pointing up for yes or to the side for no. Some really shake their hand. We call this the Floppy Hand Tool.

Some people always start out with their thumbs-up hand over their heart. They concentrate on their questions, relax and quickly bring their hand six to eight inches away from their heart. Their thumb either remains upright for yes or falls over to the side for no.

Some people stick out their pointer finger and their thumb. For some reason this seems to work better for them.

A few people use their non-dominant hand with better results than their dominant hand. They generally tend to feel this puts them in better communication with their Higher Self. If Thumbs Up does not work well for you, using your non-dominant hand may probably work better for you.

Your Assignment

Practice doing the thumbs up technique until it becomes natural to you. This is one of the more difficult tools to initially learn because it's not the way we usually use our hands. Once mastered it is an effective tool. Practice any variation until it becomes natural to you. Then proceed to your next assignment.

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