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Stiff Arm Technique

The Stiff-Arm Technique is accomplished by the professional by asking patients or clients to hold their arm straight out to their side and parallel to the floor. Some professionals ask their clients/patients to make a fist. Others ask their patients/clients to hold their open-hand fingers together and facing palm-side down.

There are several individual variations to the position of the client or patient's stiff-arm hand.

The technique is based on the professional asking a question with a yes or no answer or telling the client what question to ask. For example: The professional tells his/her client to ask if her/his thyroid gland is healthy. The client asks the question about his or her own body.

The professional tells the client to resist. That instruction means the client holds their hard stiff as explained above and resists the professional from pushing her or his arm down. After saying: "Resist" the professional applies steady downward pressure to the back of the client's outstretched arm.

If the client's arm remains strong, and the professional does not easily push the client's arm down this is a "strong" response. A strong response is a "yes" answer to the example question.

If the client's arm is weak, the professional easily pushes the client's arm down. A weak response is a "no" answer to the example question.

Depending upon how the question is phrased, either a strong or a weak response may indicate a diagnosis of something wrong. For example, if the question being asked is: "Am I hypothyroid," a strong response indicates a particular thyroid problem.

The Problems with Using the Stiff Arm Technique

Note: If you currently use this technique, please continue reading and make an informed decision to change the way you make decisions for your clients and patients by empowering them to make their own decisions.

There is special information below for chiropractors, counselors, estheticians, massage therapists, medical homeopaths, nurses, physical therapists, podiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists, traditional naturopaths and non-licensed nutritionists and nutrition coaches.

Note: If you do not use this technique, you can either skip this section or skim it for future reference.

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CAUTION: The Stiff-Arm Technique is a diagnostic tool intended to discover what, if any, concerns, conditions, deficiencies, diseases, disorders, excesses or symptoms the client has. In every state, province and country in North America the right to diagnose anything is reserved for certain licensed professionals. This right is defined in the License Scope of Practice.

Most people understand that licensed chiropractors, dentists, medical doctors, medical homeopaths, medical naturopaths, nurse practitioners, osteopaths, podiatrists and psychologists can diagnose any concerns, conditions, deficiencies, diseases, disorders, illnesses and sicknesses covered in their license scope of practice. Nobody else can diagnose any of these things.

Most people also know that only these licensed professionals may advise, attempt to cure, council, prescribe remedies, recommend or suggest any treatments or cures for these concerns, conditions, deficiencies, diseases, disorders, illnesses and sicknesses covered in the scope of practice of any licensed profession.

CAUTION: Applying too much pressure at the elbow, wrist, back of the hand or closed fist can cause serious and painful shoulder problems for your client. Causing this kind of pain makes you a lawsuit target. Winning such a lawsuit is almost impossible.

This is true even if your client files a false claim. Insurance experts estimate that close to 80% of all shoulder pain claims are exaggerated or completely false.

For this reason, many malpractice insurance companies are excluding coverage for shoulder pain issues caused by diagnostic techniques.

Let's look at the legal issues regarding diagnosing and treating nutritional deficiencies:

Licensed professionals that can legally diagnose nutritional deficiencies in the USA and Canada using any diagnostic method include licensed chiropractors, dentists, medical doctors, medical homeopaths, medical naturopaths, nurse practitioners, nutritionists and osteopaths.

However, California, Minnesota and Rhode Island have Health Freedom laws that allow properly registered dietitians, homeopaths, nurses, traditional naturopaths and other trained nutritionists to diagnose and treat nutritional deficiencies and issues. Other states are considering Health Freedom Laws at this time. It pays to keep current with the laws in your state or province that may empower you to diagnose and treat nutritional deficiencies and other issues.

Counselors, estheticians, massage therapists, nurses, physical therapists, podiatrists, psychologists and psychotherapists can not legally diagnose nutritional issues or deficiencies under their License Scope of Practice unless their state or province has passed or passes a Health Freedom Law of adds diagnosis and/or treatment of nutritional deficiencies to their License Scope of Practice.

Non-licensed professionals -- whether certified or not -- can not legally diagnose anything in any state or province with the possible exception of those states who pass a Health Freedom Law. They may provide treatment under the supervision of a properly licensed professional and may be able to treat their clients if their state or province passes a Health Freedom Law.

In other words, a lot of people in the USA and Canada are illegally diagnosing and treating nutritional deficiencies and issues.

License boards in every state and province are aware of this.

When a license board needs additional sources of income they historically investigate the people they license to see of any are practicing outside the Scope of Practice for their profession. They investigate these suspects and charge uncooperative violators with a felony. Those violators who cooperate with the license board usually pay a fine, receive a suspended prison sentence and have their license suspended or revoked.

Licensed professionals practicing outside their scope of practice are at risk of losing everything during recessions and expanding inflationary economies.

This is one reason licensed professionals are setting up private associations to operate a separate business outside their License Scope of Practice.

The second group license boards seek out are those who are practicing their profession without a license. Once their investigators have enough information to legally charge a person with a felony, they turn those people over to a district or state/provincial attorney. Cooperative suspects have the chance to close their business and avoid prosecution.

There are several license board mediation companies who help non-licensed and licensed professionals resolve these problems without closing their business. But there is no guarantee that you will be able to keep your business.

This is one reason non-licensed professionals are setting up private associations to operate a separate business under Constitutional Law and outside the jurisdiction of the state or provincial license boards.

Research clearly shows that the Stiff-Arm Technique can be intentionally or unintentionally manipulated by the professional to give false positive and false negative results -- whichever is the most profitable -- approximately sixty percent (60%) of the time.

What that means is the Stiff-Arm Technique correctly diagnoses and correctly determines the best treatment plan accurately about forty percent (40%) of the time.

Research clearly shows each of the Free Coach Tools are accurate more than eighty percent (80%) of the time if and only if the following procedure is followed:

1. The person performing the test has passed the Coach Tools Test with a score of 80% or more.

This means that person is in communication (communion) with his or her Higher Self, Spiritual Guides and/or the Divine when using that particular Coach Tool. Most people will find they can pass the Coach Tool Test with two to five different Coach Tools.

People passing this test tend to improve their accuracy the more they use the techniques they choose to use and/or the more they open communication with Saints, Spiritual Teachers and Guides of all kinds and the Divine.

For this reason many people consider the Free Coach Tools to be a spiritual tool.

2. The person performing the test has a coach who confirms the results of the current diagnosis and treatment plan are accurate. Note: A coach using a similar muscle-testing tool is preferred.

If you are currently using the Stiff-Arm in your practice, you need to know that your results (40% accurate) are less accurate than the flip of a coin (50% accurate). You also need to know that teaching your clients how to properly use one or more of our Free Coach Tools costs you nothing. What it does is empower your clients and improve the accuracy of your joint diagnosis and treatment to 80% or more.

Now that you know this, you have a professional and ethical obligation to empower your clients to make their own decisions and stop playing God with your clients.

The benefits of empowering your clients include improving your client's diagnosis and treatment plan, improving client opinions of you and your services, improving client retention and lowering your chances of an insurance claim, adverse lawsuit and license board problem.

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