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Introduction to Instantly Relaxing Completely

This sounds almost impossible to do. But, if you take each step one step at a time, it's not only possible -- you can and will do it.

Practice each technique as often as you can each day.

Take it easy

Do not force anything

Let go of tension in your mind

Let go of tension in your face, jaw and neck

Let go of tension in your shoulders, arms, hands and fingers

Let go of tension in the rest of your body

After a few days you will be able to let go of all tension in your mind and body in five seconds or less.

Once you know how to breathe deeply and release all tension almost immediately, the rest of these lessons become easier and easier. Spending more time on the first lesson reduces the amount of time it will take you to master the rest of the lessons. Follow these steps in order and you'll be amazed at how much you blossom and improve in all areas of your life.

Master the basics first and the rest is easy

Master the first lesson before starting the second lesson

Master each lesson before moving on to the next lesson

Revisit "Knowing Who You Really Are" anytime you feel stuck

Those who master the art and science of instantly relaxing completely find it easy to master the empowering coach tools in the next section. Those who don't, won't.

The more effectively you can let go and relax completely, the more in tune you are with your own Higher Self.

Your own Higher Self knows the truth about you

Your own Higher Self knows the truth about everything

Being in tune with your own Higher Self, empowers you

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