Free Coach Tools

Prove the Free Coach Tools Really do Work

One of best ways a person can prove the tools described by Free Coach Tools work for them is to play a version of a child's game called Hide and Seek. We call if Free Coach Tools Hide and Seek

The game is best played with another student of Free Coach Tools. But any other person will work as well if they become more devious is hiding the object to be found. Here are the Rules for FCT Hide and Seek.

1. The Seeker is the the person attempting to find the hidden object; and the Hider is the person who hides the object to be found. The place where this test takes place is referred to as the House. The House may be any residence or building of any size, a yard, park or pasture.

2. The Seeker gives the Hider the object to be hidden, or the Hider shows the Seeker the object to be hidden.

3. The Seeker is placed in a hallway or room of the House or outside the house. The Seeker turns his or her back to the House so as to receive no information about where the object is being hidden.

4. The Hider enters every room of the House, upstairs and downstairs, and walks about each room and space. The Hider hides the object in plain sight in the House. Examples would be on top of furniture, on a window sill or on the floor in plain sight. The Hider visits other places in the House after placing the object to widen the playing field and not disclose the location of the object.

5. The Hider goes to the Seeker and announces the object is hidden. That's when the Hider starts the clock or stopwatch or makes a note of the time.

6. The Seeker uses one of the Free Coach Tools to determine the direction to turn in a hallway, open space or room and continues using this technique to zero-in on the object. Examples would be the Seeker says I need to go straight ahead and tests, I need to go left and tests, it's in this room or space and tests. These yes-no statements receive a true or false result according to the test.

7. The Seeker continues in this manner until the object is located. The elapsed time is then determined. In the beginning it is not unusual for the Seeker to take several minutes before finding the object. With practice this elapsed time will decrease.

8. Seekers usually discover that the looped fingers, finger pull and thumbs up or variations of these tools work more quickly than the body compass or dowsing techniques. But any one technique or more can be mastered to obtain the correct result quickly. Some Seekers find that starting with the Body Compass and switching to another technique works best. But each Seeker needs to decide what tools work best for them.

9. Level One has just been described. Repeat Level One tests until the object can usually be located in one minute or less. Then move on to Level Two. There is no standard amount of time that it takes for a Seeker to master Level One.

10. Level Two is more difficult because the object is hidden out of site by the Hider. The Seeker proceeds as with Level One until the object is found. The goal is to become proficient enough to find the hidden object in a minute or less. This takes practice and practice takes time.

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