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The Lean Technique

Also Called the Body Compass

The Lean Empowering Tool is an empowering Coach tool that can be done standing or sitting forward on a chair. Teach your clients how to use this Coaching tool to empower themselves.

Process for Using the Standing EMpowering Lean Tool:

    •  Stand upright with your weight balanced on your feet.

    •  Ask a question that can be answered by yes or no, true or false, right or wrong; or make a statement that is true or false, right or wrong.

    •  Relax and let your body move of its own accord.

    •  If your body leans backward, this indicates a weak or negative response. The answer to your question is "no." It could also be false or wrong depending upon how you asked your question. The response to your statement is likewise negative, no, false or wrong.

    •  If your body leans forward, this indicates a strong or positive response to your question or statement. The answer to your question or response to your statement is positive, yes, true, right or correct.


The Lean Empowering Tool


The Lean Empowering Tool or Body Compass is a very reliable tool to learn and use. It is easily and usually unnoticed when done in public. People lean and nobody pays attention.

Variations on the Standing Lean Empowering Tool

Some people naturally lean to the left or right for a positive, yes or correct response. They lean to the opposite direction to indicate a negative, wrong or incorrect response. Other people will discover they lean forward for a negative response and backward for a positive response to their question or statement.

Determine how this technique works for you. About eighty percent (80%) of the population leans forward for a positive response, and backward for a negative response.

About sixteen percent (16%) discovers they lean forward for a negative response and backward for a positive one.

About four (4%) of the population feel more comfortable with a left or right lean to identify a positive response. Leaning in the other direction indicates a negative one.

A few (less than 1%) people "feel" their body move when in reality it does not actually move. The more experience you have with this empowering tool, the more you will feel your body wanting to move into the position for a yes or no answer. You are developing your intuition and that's a very good thing to do.

This empowering tool can be done while sitting forward on a chair. It works better if there are no arms on the chair. Follow the description above to determine how the Sitting Lean Empowering Tool works for you. Most people lean forward when they have a positive response and sit back when they have a negative response. You can check that out whenever you're in a conversation with a sitting person.

We suggest you test yourself first. See what happens to your body for a positive response. Consider anything else as a negative response. If you have any questions about this, please review the introductory material.

Most people quickly learn to trust this empowering tool whether they're standing or sitting.

Your Assignment

Practice doing the lean empowering tool until it becomes natural to you. Then proceed to your next assignment.

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