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Communion With Your Higher Self

Communion with your own Higher Self is a form of meditation. You attain communion with your own Higher Self by practicing One Deep Breath. Here's an example of how this can happen:

    •  Learn the One Deep Breath Technique

    •  When you feel comfortable with this technique, do several One Deep Breaths together with a pause after each inhalation and each exhalation.

    •  Practice this until it becomes natural and easy to do.

    •  Add progressive relaxation to this exercise.

    •  Continue this practice until you can breathe deeply and relax for fifteen to twenty minutes at a time.

    •  As you continue this practice you will notice a deep calm and peace come over you. This deep peace and calm is your response to coming into closer communion with your own Higher Self.

    •  Become receptive. Ask questions, and become receptive.

    It may take several days or weeks for you to start receiving information from your own Higher Self. There are many reasons for this. Don't concern yourself with it.

The time will come:

when you "know" the solution to a problem you're facing,

when you hear a small quiet voice wirh a message of importance to you,

when you see an image of a person, place or thing that has meaning for you.

These are the first fruits of attaining communion with your own Higher Self.

What to Do Next

Decide what you want from your own Higher Self. Then make it your mission to attain that which you seek. Here's some examples for your consideration:

•  Answers to solving problems in your life

•  Knowledge of the worlds beyond this reality

•  Knowledge of the Source of All Things

•  Communication with your spirit guides

•  Communication with friends on the other side

•  Communication with animals, plants and things on the other side

•  Developing your "psychic" abilities -- open your third eye

•  Communication with animals, plants and things in this reality

•  Knowledge of your past lives in this reality, this and other planets

•  Knowledge of your past lives in other realities on different planes

•  Finding a particular job or profession in this reality that fits who you are becoming

•  Finding friends and significant other people in this reality

•  Traveling the astral and physical worlds to see all there is to see

•  Moving into your light body and instantaneously visiting anyplace in the Creation

•  Everything that is, ever was or ever will be is there for you to experience

Use your imagination.

All things are possible

as you begin to communicate

with your own Higher Self.

Some Guidelines For Working With Your Own Higher Self

•  Be careful of what you ask for -- you actually do receive what you ask for

•  Cause no harm

•  Do everything for the highest good of all (Not your will, but the Divine Will)

•  Whatever you want manifested in your life requires the appropriate work from you

•   Start with small requests to get a feel for the amount of work involved

•  The more you want for yourself, the more work is required

•  The more you want for others, less work is required

•  No work is required if you want peace, inner strength, happiness, joy and healing for others

•  No work is required if you want to accept, forgive and love others

•  Ask for truth first

•  Ask for knowledge next and things later

•  Whatever you do to help others also helps you.

Your Assignment

Decide how you are going to empower yourself by working with your own higher self on a daily basis. Open this communication and use it to improve yourself and others.

Keep a written record of what you request and make a note when you see that request being manifested. When you have a system in place for doing these things, proceed to the next assignment.

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