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Quantum Mechanics -- a field of physics -- has already proven beyond a doubt that what we call matter is an illusion. All matter is really rapidly spinning energy. In fact it is spinning so rapidly it gives the appearance of being an impenetrable solid object. But it is not solid. It's the illusion the Buddhists and Yogis call Maya.

Each and every atom in any human being, any animal, any plant, any rock or anything in this world is more than 99 % empty space. Anything you see that is not empty space ... is an illusion. Our world and everything on it are all part of this grand illusion we call matter. What you really see is light refracting off a quantity of very fast spinning "invisible" energy.

Secondly, quantum mechanics has proven there is an intelligence behind all energy of every kind. There is a mind controlling the energy -- all energy. This mind can change the shape and form of energy fields. The shape and form of every energy field is under the control of intelligent mind.

More than this, all energy fields appear to have a purpose, a mission if you will. Other names for purpose include want, need, desire, passion, craving and addiction. These are the words the ancient Qabala assigns to the astral world, the world of energy under the dominion of the mind.

The third astonishing fact learned from quantum mechanics is that all energy fields exist within an ethereal (vibration) field that creates, sustains and destroys energy fields. The astonishing part is that these vibration fields appear to be controlled by the emotional mind rather than the rational mind. The concept that emotions give rise to wants, needs, desires and passions is a very ancient one also taught in the Qabala date back thousands of years.

In fact these ancient teachings indicate that all things that become manifest in what we call the physical reality are controlled and changed by the emotional mind. Quantum physics is in the process of proving beyond a doubt that this is true. It appears that "as a man thinketh" is the blueprint that determines the course of that man's life. "As a woman thinketh" is the blueprint for her life.

Not surprisingly, the more positive emotions like love, compassion and charity give rise to more positive wants, needs and desires. At the same time, emotions like anger, envy and hatred generally give rise to more negative cravings and addictions like greed, unhealthy lust and just plain avarice.

Our emotions are the vibrations that control our desires -- our energy world. And our energy world controls our physical reality. Mystics say that our vibration (emotions) control our astral world; and our astral world is the energetic matrix upon which our physical reality exists.

Underlying our emotional mind and controlling it is our intellectual mind, our thinking mind, our rational mind. Everything in our physical, energy (astral), and emotional (vibration or etheric) realities is under the control of our personal intelligence. Everything in our reality if controlled by our thinking, intelligent mind.

What this all means is:

1. Our physical reality is an illusion created by our own energy field -- our astral body

2. Our astral body or matrix is our energy body that's created by our emotions

3. Our emotions are vibrations, our emotional or etheric body, and our feeling mind -- which in turn is controlled by our individual intelligence, our thinking mind

Quantum Mechanics goes one step further. Recent experiments prove beyond a doubt that all individual minds (intelligence) are part of one infinite mind. At the quantum level of our being we are all one. We are all in this Creation together. We are all in the physical illusion, astral energy, etheric emotions and mental parts of the creation together.

What is true about humans is also true about animals. They are a physical illusion created by their energy (astral) body. Their energy body is created by their emotional or ethereal body and their emotional body is under the control of their mind. They are one and they are likewise a part of the One Universal Mind -- the Creator of All.

What is true about animals is also true about plants, rocks, crystals, minerals and all other things of every kind. We are all in this world together. Quantum Mechanics teaches us we are all one. Everything in the Creation is a part of each of us. And we are a part of everything in the creation.

What happens to one of us affects us all. What we do to help other people, helps all of us. What we do to harm other people, harms all of us. We are, all of us -- everything -- in this physical reality together for some reason. The big question of quantum mechanics is: "why?"

We've referenced the Qabala in this article several times. The same teachings also appear in the ancient Hindu Vedas and Tibetan Buddhist scrolls. The oldest documentation of these teachings is in the Sumarian tablet dated about 6500 BC that lies hidden in the Vatican archives. The name of this tablet is KUA-TUM (kua like quad and tum like tomb).

KUA-TUM has a remarkable resemblance to the word Quantum. It is said to mean "thought (KUA) and space (TUM)." The KUA-TUM says that this thought reflected upon itself -- thought about itself. This reflection caused a vibration -- remember, vibrations are emotions. And this vibration created an energy field.

The more the thought reflected upon itself, the more powerful the vibration became. The more powerful the vibration became, the larger and stronger the energy field became. Over time this energy field began to spin round and round. The faster it spun, the more light it reflected and matter became a living reality.

What this all means is that each and everything in the creation created itself. Our thought created emotions (vibration) that created desires (energy) and together these three created our physical reality. Our physical reality is a result of the trinity composed of thought (creator), emotion (vibration) and desire (energy).

In the beginning we were all one. By an act of will we separated from each other and became a part of the illusion in which we live. The question is: "why?"

Mystics of all religions tell us we did this in order to learn more about ourselves with the intention of becoming one again. They also tell us that in order to become one again we need to learn how to accept, forgive and love ourselves and all others unconditionally.

This is a process that starts with the decision to accept, forgive and love others more and more to the best of our ability. Then we accept (energy), forgive (emotion) and love (decision) more and more to the best of our ability. Over the course of eons we become one again.

The Lessons of Quantum Mechanics (Physics)

With our own mind we create everything in our personal universe. We create our own emotions with our own mind. Our emotions are a result of our thinking.

We create our own wants, needs, passions, cravings, desires and additions with our own emotions which we first created with our own thinking. All of these things are a result of our own thinking.

We create our life in this illusion we call the physical reality by our own desires. What we want on every level of our being is what we create in our lives. Everything in our reality is a result of our thinking.

Conclusion: If we change our thinking, we change our lives.

Your Assignment

Read through this material until you understand it. You don't have to believe it. If you understand it you will learn to believe it through your own life experiences. Understand the basics and proceed to your next assignment.

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