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Learning to Use Divination

Divination is the art and science of learning the truth about yourself. It can be used to verify the answers you receive from any source. It can also be used to understand something in your past or explore future possibilities.

Divination is the art and science of tuning into our own Higher Self.

It is also the art and science of tuning into our self -- our ego.

And it is the art and science of tuning into the Divine.

Learning if we're tuned into our own ego, Higher Self or the Divine is the key to Divination.

You already know that your ego tries to tell you what to do.

You already know your own Higher Self is that silent voice you hear from time to time.

You probably recognize that your conscience is the voice of your own Higher Self.

When you are ready to hear the Divine Voice, you will recognize it.

What we remember about the past is colored by our state of mind and emotions at that time.

We can't change the past.

But we can change what we think and how we feel about the past.

We can learn to accept the past for what it was at the time.

Divination can help us through this process.

What we see about our future is a possibility that we can accept or reject.

We accept by continuing to think what we're thinking and do what we're doing now.

We reject any future possibility by changing our thinking and changing what we're doing now.

Divination will help us see other future possibilities.

What we see about another person is colored by our thoughts about and feelings toward that person.

Keep this in mind if you ever decide to do a "reading" for another person.

We have thoughts and feelings about everybody and everything.

Our thoughts and feelings are automatically included in any "reading" we do for another person.

We suggest you read each of these lessons.

Try doing what you read.

Go on to the next lesson and continue doing what you learned in previous lessons.

When you've tried all of these lessons start studying the Empowering CoachTools.

Then test these tools

All the while keep working with these Divination Tools

In the end, you will become more intuitive and empowered as a person.

Just remember: Success Follows Practice.

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