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Divination Techniques


Pick a Card, Any Card

This parlor trick can actually be used to answer yes or no questions. Here's how:

1. Voice your question.

2. Shuffle or mix a regular deck of cards face down on the table.

3. Spread the deck of cards face down on a table.

3. Pick a card and look at it.

a. A black card (spades and clubs) is a positive card indicating go or yes.

b. A red card (diamonds or hearts) is a negative card indicating stop or no.

4. Some people are more comfortable using the black cards for no and the red cards for yes. Either way is correct as long as you always use the same cards for yes.

This is a communication between you and your own Higher Self. You decide the rules and your own Higher Self will follow those rules in an effort to help you become the person you came into this world to become.

Variations on this Coach Tool

Spread the cards in front of you, facing you or on a table facing down. Ask your client to voice his or her question and pull a card. Use the same meanings described above.

Cut the deck and turn the top card to answer the question.

Cut the deck and discard a specific number of cards from the deck and turn the next card. Either you or your client decides when to turn the next card.

Instead of using the color of the card's suit, use the number. The even numbers (2,4,6,8,10) mean either yes or no and the odd numbers (1,3,5,7,9) mean the opposite. You decide which definition you want to use and your own Higher Self will use that system.

Some people like to use the court cards to mean "undecided." Some use the King as odd and the Queen as even. The answer is "probably" this. Jacks are "wild" cards indicating there is no answer at this time.

Others give different definitions to each court card. You decide what you want the cards to mean and your own Higher Self will use those definitions.

With practice this is a very accurate system. It works well for one person or a coach and a client.

Pick a Hand, Any Hand

This is another parlor trick that works well with clients. Instead of using cards you use two small different colored objects. The smaller your hands, the smaller the objects. Nail polish on pennies or the equivalent is about the right size.

The greater the difference in color, the better. For example, black and white, red and green, yellow and blue, purple and orange -- any two opposite colors.

Show these two small objects to your client with one object in each hand.

a. Explain which object is positive, go and yes.

b. Explain the other object is negative, stop and no.

c. Place both objects in one hand and place your hands behind your back.

d. Mix the objects so you end up with one object in each hand.

e. Tell your client to state her or his question.

f. The client states the question.

g. Hold your closed hands out in front of you. Tell your client to select one hand.

h. Open the selected hand and interpret the object for your client

Variations on this Coach Tool.

Turn your back on your client while you mix these objects and randomly place one in each hand. Close your hands, turn around and proceed as described above. This method will accommodate larger objects if you so choose. Some people are just more comfortable doing it this way or the next

Instead of turning your back on your client, sit at a table and hide your hands under the table to mix the objects and randomly place one in each hand.

The jar of two different colored marbles, or beans, works well. The client states the question, closes both eyes and reaches into the jar to pick out one bean, or marble, and interprets the meaning.

The Flip of a Coin

The good old fashioned coin flip can be manipulated by an expert. But it is also a good yes-no, good-bad, go-stop indicator if honestly done.

The safest way to do it is to flip the coin after you or your client has voiced the question. Catch the coin in your other (non-flipping) hand. open your hand so the coin stays in the palm of your hand.

a. Face up is go or yes.

b. Face down is stop or no.

Variations on the Coin Flip Technique

Instead of flipping, shake the coin in your cupped hands and lift the top hand away from the hand holding the resting coin.

Drop the coin on a soft flat surface.

Spin the coin on a hard flat surface. This can be done by holding the coin upright on a table with one hand and flicking it with a finger from your other hand.

In a pinch, use a credit card or other flat object instead of a coin. Just define "heads" first.

Another Divination Technique


Random numbers can easily be used to obtain a yes or no answer. See the article on Random Numbers.


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