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Our mission is to help professionals in the alternative, holistic and natural health, nutrition and wellness professions to become lawfully credentialed and practice legally in their state, province, district and/or country.

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These excellent courses are offered for free from the Academy 4 Coaching and are listed here with their permission.

  1. Anatomy and Physiology is an excellent self-study correspondence course.

  2. Codex Alimentarius is the best overview of this organization we have ever read. If you're a health. nutrition or wellness professional this is absolutely something you should read!

  3. Codex Alimentarius audio presentation well worth the time spent listening to it.

  4. Basic Nutrition 101 is an excellent self-study course on human nutrition.

  5. Free Coach Tools is the reason you stopped by...

Free Healing Techniques

The techniques listed below are available on this website. These are easy tools to teach your clients so they can help heal themselves.

  1. The Essene Foot Technique is a physical body healing technique presented in two videos by the Past Grandmaster of the Modern Essenes. This is an easy-to-learn personal acupressure and reflexology session.

  2. The Essene Hand Technique is an emotional body healing technique used to resolve emotional issues. This technique is a combination of acupressure and reflexology.

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Other Free Materials

This One is Very Important to Your Health

If you feel American conventional health care is the best in the world, you may be shocked to learn that it ranks 62 among the 100 most affluent nations on Earth. CBS News 60 Minutes Program aired this program in November, 2011 that explains why and what you can do about it.

More Free Materials

  1. Overview of Codex Alimentarius - This audio presentation is widely acclaimed as the best overview of how the drug industry is eliminating all competition that threatens their monstrous profits. This outstanding presentation was compiled by NTCRS.

  2. Words to Avoid Using - If you're not licensed, you really must read this excellent paper!

  3. A Great Internship - Learn how to become an expert under the guidance of an expert.

  4. Stress Management - Reducing your stress is the secret to healing yourself. Teaching and helping others to manage their stress is the secret for them to heal themselves.

  5. My Legal Obligations as a Health care Practitioner - Understand your legal obligations before you advertise and see clients.

  6. Resolving and Avoiding Conflicts with License Boards - The best defense is a good offense and that means to avoid conflicts with license boards as much as possible.

  7. List of Suggested Certification Titles - We Recommend Reading This!

  8. List of Independent, Accredited and Recognized Certification Boards - These boards serve the alternative, holistic and natural health, wellness and nutrition industries.

We're looking for some more free materials that will help alternative, holistic and natural health, nutrition and wellness professionals practice legally anywhere in the world. Please contact us with any information along these lines.


Free Coach Tools


Learn the twenty Free Coach Tools We Teach

Teach them to your clients for your usual fee

Make them a part of your life

Pass your oral examination

Earn up to 20 CEU


Free Coach Skills

Free Coach Skills is a companion course requiring more introspection and study. Once mastered, these are powerful empowering tools to empower yourself and your clients to make more good decisions about health, life, nutrition, spirituality, therapies and wellness. When you're ready, go to Free Coach Skills.

Teach them to your clients for your usual fee

Make them a part of your life

Pass your oral examination

Earn up to 20 CEU

Coaching Skills Workshops


You can find outstanding and economical alternative, holistic and natural health, wellness and nutrition coach workshops. Start your search with the link given below. Do you own research. Decide what's the best coaching workshop for you. Buy one with a money-back guarantee.

List of Recommended and Accredited Coach Education Organizations


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